Probate is complicated.

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Probate is the legal process to transfer title from a deceased person to a living person when the only names of the title are deceased persons.

Some duties of a personal representative.  These are only a few.


  1. Locate all the assets.

  2. Locate all the papers that show the debts of the deceased person.

  3. Locating the Will.

  4. Hiring an attorney.

  5. Obeying the terms of the Will by distributing the assets and paying the debts.

  6. Obtaining the tax identification number.

  7. Opening the estate checking account.

  8. Canceling utilities.

  9. Canceling credit cards.

  10. Hiring a real estate agent to sell the house.

  11. Hiring an estate sale company to remove the contents from the house.

  12. Handling a trust created by a Will and dealing with the probate court until the trust ends.

  13. Transferring title/selling to assets out of the probate estate to third parties to create cash for the estate to pay taxes, claims and inheritances.

  14. Ensuring thorough accounting and settlement of the estate.

  15. Close the estate, paying the attorney and the personal representative.